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Why Choose Terracotta Panel

Natural stone, aluminum panel, glass are very common architectural facade cladding materials in China and overseas. However, terracotta facade panel, originated in the late 1980s, is just like a rising star in building material field. What are the comparable strengths of Terracotta Panel?

The Advantages of Terracotta Panel:
1.Easy to install Light weight; extruded products ready for cladding; job-site fabrication free
2.Maintenance free self-cleaning; non faded color; long life span
3.High impact resistance
4.Easily replaceable
5.Energy saving lower AC cost due to greatly improved thermal insulation
6.Good accoustic performance
7.Green material 100% environment friendly; Radiation free
8.Natural colors through body color
9.Wide selection of colors and profiles
10.Color consistency

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Terracotta Technology: 
Based on formulation, and the Extrusion is the crucial part.

Superior and steady raw materials together with state-of-the-art technology.

Extruding the terracotta embryo that has various section types by mould.

Dry the terracotta embryo in the drying kiln to reduce the moisture within the required range.

Make the terracotta become colorful and versatile after the glazing effect.

Fired in firing furnace at 1200℃ to get the requirement of chemical and physical performance.

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Terracotta panel has unique artistic humanities, natural color, environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving advantages of noise canceling in for indoor decoration, which reflects the close nature, and make people’s work and life and other activities in a comfortable environment.

Post time: Aug-30-2021